Creative Uses of Animated GIF on Your Website

Animated GIFs are often found on websites, blogs, and on various sites and locations around the web. They can breathe a lot of life into a website and make it stand out from the competition. You can find them all over the Internet used on a Web as button, heading, logo, background, divider, banner ad, and eye-catching image etc.

Personally, I am excited about the possibilities for animated GIFs. They can instantly capture the attention of visitors with their novelty and make your website more lively. They can be used to make certain areas of your website out of the ordinary, and showcase your content in new and exciting ways.The alternative to an animated GIF for adding movement to a site is video. However, video is considerably larger and often tedious. GIF animation can otherwise add a sense of interactivity to your Web content and have a bigger impact on readers better than a video.

So it might be smart to use GIFs across your website where you're trying to drive visitors attention. For instance, placing them on your homepage or on your "About Us" page to keep readers engaged as well as to attract potential customers. Besides, GIFs can also be background images, product shots, demonstrations, text, or virtually anything that helps better tell your story and communicate your message.

If you're going it alone into the world of making your own creative GIFs for your website, you'll need a program to do a favor. VideoGIF, an easy and quick GIF maker tool for Mac, would be your best choice for it’s simple to use and relatively affordable.You can add a video from your local video files, Webcam and YouTube URLs to get started. There’s a dragging option that allows you to trim any part of the video to create a network friendly GIF used on your website. Remember a longer video generally leads to a larger file size that will take visitors longer to load.

You have ability to resize/crop the GIF for different web sections. VideoGIF also provides you options to add stickers, text objects, and customize their layers if you are looking to add some notes or commentary to the GIF. You also have options to adjust colors, and apply filters to fine-tune your GIF at ease.There is no doubt that VideoGIF can be your ultimately handy helper to adjust the frame delay, sequence, and quality for your GIF. When it’s OK, you can save it to a specific folder for using on your website later.

This is a great opportunity for you to get more use out of GIFs on your website. A GIF will enhance any and every web page on your site. Just using animated GIFs to enhance product imagery, improve the overall user experience and add personality and flair to your site with a lot of content.