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Exclusive Giveaway – Win PicGIF / VideoGIF for Mac

PicGIF/VideoGIF Features
  • Free to trim any part from a video clip.
  • Manage overlays of text captions and stickers to touch up the GIF.
  • Lots of fine-tune features to set the GIF size, frame delay, sequence, effects, color settings, etc.
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Media Review

"VideoGIF is a straightforward Mac OS X application designed to help you create animated GIFs by trimming and cropping parts from a video or movie."


PicGIF’s interface is typical Mac. It’s easy to import photos and drop them into a timeline, add text, adjust dimensions, change typical GIF settings, and share online.


PicGIF is a great application. Not only can you take control of the entire animation process, but you can set the picture size, fill mode, frame delay and playing sequence.