VideoGIF for Mac

Create Animated GIFs from Videos/Movies in Minutes

VideoGIF for Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use GIF maker for creating funny GIFs by trimming any part from a video/movie. The video to GIF converter allows you to quickly and easily transfer any video clip to smooth and animated GIFs.

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PicGIF for Mac

Quickly Convert Photos into Animated GIFs and Re-edit Existing GIFs

PicGIF for Mac allows you to easily convert continuous snapshots and short videos into animated GIFs in a matter of minutes. It also comes as a handy use for re-editing and fine-tuning existing GIFs. It's easy to use, easy to save, and easy to share with the world!

    Special Offer: $19.99
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Review & Awards

  • The overall app seemed to have a clean design and the preview in the app for my GIF looked cool. - zacweikal
  • I really find PicGIF to be easy to navigate. All the features are easy to find and most everything you need to do is as easy as clicking a button. - dealsofsweetness
  • If you like to make videos then I would reccomend that you check this out and see about getting the app. I think you will have fun with this one. - nannaof3