How to Make a GIF that Will Attract Other’s Eyes a Lot from Videos

Animated GIF is something that we all love, as it gives power, life, and feeling to inanimate objects, people, or pictures that would otherwise be lifeless, and also act as an eye grabber. GIFs are like the flip books of the Internet – great for conveying thoughts and emotions that words can’t describe, showcasing the antic moments of your daily life, or just giving you a good chuckle.

Are you looking for a bit of variety in your social media content? Do you want something that may be a bit of fun and stands out a bit? Or whether you are searching for a gift that’s unique, memorable, and amusing, dedicated to a special friend or loved one. Then an animated GIF is never a bad idea, which conveys much more information than static displays.

Chances are that you have an idea stewing in your brain, but you just don’t know how to make that idea a reality. Not to worry. We’ve put together this super simple tutorial to guide you how to make a looping GIF in just a few minutes. If you love watching movies, cartoons, or any cool video on YouTube, or you kind of love to shoot videos to record your daily life, things will be easier and better. GIF ‘em right up with VideoGIF for Mac, a really fascinating GIF maker that will definitely inspire you to give it a try.

Without doing a lot of research or spending hours trying to figure out how to navigate the app you will be able to create a GIF you’re very happy with. Firstly, you’ll need some video with which you want to make a GIF. This can be practically anything, but try to opt for a clip that’s not too long, as longer video generally leads to a larger file size. If you import the entire video from beginning to end,you’d better trim the video down to only the length you want the GIF to play. Limiting the frames will make the file smaller, but will also make the video more choppy.

In order to display the GIF better or make it fit well in the canvas, you have options to resize/crop as you wish. There are also some optimizations you can do within the video-to-GIF maker before you output your animation. You probably want to write out your ideas or build up your animation with some elements, news is the options in this tool enable you to add text/stickers and apply photo effects, frames& masks, etc. to get a best look of your GIF at ease.

Having completed all the steps, you can go ahead and take a preview now of what your GIF is going to look like where you can set the frame count, frame delay, sequence and quality as well. When you have everything you need, it’s time to share your creativity with the rest of the world or just save for various uses. From branding to marketing to entertaining, their purposes are endless, and extremely customizable for whatever it is you're going for.