The Complete Guides to Make an Animated GIF with VideoGIF

Animated GIFs are nowadays supported almost anywhere on the Internet and can definitely bringany fun or message to life with movement and animation. You find them a lot on message boards, blogs, and artistic websites. They are usually used for all kinds of purposes: to make people laugh, to give an instruction, to tell a story or to demonstrate something that you don’t have the words for. It is an easy way to relive a single moment over and over and a creative solution to display interactivity.

More compelling than a static photo and more immediate than a lengthy video, the animated GIF is a unique and artistic mode of conveying ideas and emotion. If you've found yourself mesmerized by the looping animations online and wanted to create one yourself, there are countless tools to help you do so. All you need is inspiration, a video and a powerful GIF maker tool available.

Choose Your Best Effective Way to Make an Animated GIF

Maybe you’re sick of the need to Sign Up/Log In, advertisements, the inability to crop and resize, and unwanted watermarks stamped on your GIF when use an online GIF creator. Or many of you don’t have the technical expertise or patience to learn how to use a bunch of difficult tools like Photoshop. Luckily for you, VideoGIF is more than possible to enable you to GIF your videos/movies and share them with the world! Just get creative, have fun with it and explore the possibilities for your videos.

Only Three Steps You Can Convert Videos to GIFs with VideoGIF

To get started, you are free to add video from your local video files and the Webcam or YouTube. Why bother watching an entire movie or a whole video when you can simply trim the perfect scene or good part in your favorite movie, video or YouTube clip into an animated GIF to share around? Sticking the video clip to a 15 to 30 second limit would be the best.

Next, you can effortlessly customize and fine-tune your GIF. In this step, you will be given access to many easy and intuitive settings including the ability to resize/crop GIF for optimal output, insert text and stickers to add some humor or commentary on GIF, manage overlays, apply popular photo effects and color adjustments to fine-tune your GIF, etc., all of which give you infinite possibilities for animating your videos.

Finally, create and save your GIF anywhere. Here you can take a look at your final GIF in real-time preview while setting your GIF’s frame count, frame delay, GIF sequence and quality. Now that you have all this GIF making knowledge, it’s time for you to leave the newbies’ nest and share your creativity with the rest of the world via Tumblr, E-Mail and iMessage directly.