Make an Animated GIF out of Video with Powerful Video to Gif Convertor

Animated GIF are now being wildly used as a replacement for video clips in a lot of cases, especially on social networks. There are many reasons why people would like to convert a video to GIF animation rather than using video file directly. The main one is that GIFs offer a much wider audience than videos since they can be posted anywhere. More and more people have taken to converting their favorite videos into animated GIFs to post on blogs, forums and other social media sites like Flickr and Tumblr for convenient sharing and distribution.

Luckily VideoGIF provides us an easy and quick way to convert a video file, or a segment of a video file to the GIF image format, such as AVI to GIF, YouTube video to GIF, etc. This powerful video to GIF maker tool has been being the practical choice of millions Mac users in the world because of its reliability, ease of use, and superior performance. Its basic toolset and intuitive controls make it easier than ever to go from video clip to animated GIF in a few short steps.

To convert a video to the looping GIF, you will need to have your desired video file in preparation. VideoGIF features three ways to add videos so that you can either use Webcam to take a short video or add a YouTube video URL to acquire a video directly from YouTube. Besides, you can simply add an existing video from the local folder on your computer as well. Once you’ve chosen your video file, you’ll need to trim it into a short video clip for converting because longer video generally leads to a larger file size. In my own opinion, clips of four to ten seconds work best.

Many sites do not allow GIF larger that 10 MB because it slows down the server. You might need to make larger GIFs a little smaller before uploading them. VideoGIF empowers you to resize your GIF to a reasonable result. There are two options to change the size of your video clip. One is to enter specific pixels and the other is to move the Scale slider bar to alter its size by eyes.

In order to make a more wonderful GIF, you shall not hesitate to apply image filters and make color adjustments to enhance the appearance of your GIF. Also you have options to insert and customize text/sticker to touch up your GIF. How about adjust the frame range, opacity, and layers for your GIF? It no doubt that VideoGIF can be your ultimately handy helper.

Now turn your attention to the GIF Speed, Sequence and Quality settings. Feel free to set Frame Delay to control your GIF speed and customize the playing Sequence as Normal or Reverse. You can choose to optimize your GIF, which would take a little longer time to convert, but with higher output quality. When your video is successful turned into a GIF, post it online for marketing use or distribute among your friends via Tumblr, E-Mail and iMessage.