Boost Your Images and Videos with Wonderful GIF Makers

Animated GIF is now one of the most popular image styles to draw public’s attention. It’s seen a great emergency in popularity over the recent years. Lots of webmasters, web designers, comic artists, and illustrators are lining up to use GIFs to grace the Web. Many Banner ads, MySpace pages, Google+ streams, and forums are all commonly associated with GIF animations as well. People also prefer to make a GIF with GIF maker tools to simply have fun or memorize their favorite scenes from movies.

For a very long time in the past, GIF was not accessible to the amateur. But with the onslaught of simple and cheap GIF maker programs popping up, GIF making has entered a new era. PearlMountain Technology, a dedicated software developer aiming to make the process simpler and less expensive, released two GIF maker programs, which make it possible for us to create smooth and high quality GIFs from videos/images quickly and easily.You can grab one of these programs to get started on your animation journey.

There are typically three different ways to create animated GIFs. The first is to use multiple still images you took. I kind of love to make a GIF out of my pets dozing on the coach, competing for food and jumping around house. The second is to directly take a video with the Webcam for use. Sometime I would make myself up and sit in front of the computer to shoot a funny video for entertainment. The third is to choose anexisting video file on your hard disk and trim it to any length that you want. With PearlMountain’s PicGIF, you can animate your images and videos in just a few minutes.

A great GIF should be short, seamless, and salient. Many places you’re going to post your GIF usually have size limits. For Buzz Feed and Imgur, it’s 2 MB. For Tumblr, it’s 1 MB. For the Website, the shorter, the better, since a large size GIF will take longer to load for visitors. The good news is that PicGIF spares no effort to help you resize the GIF at ease to fit your all kinds of needs. It can be done by choosing a preset practical size or by managing your own custom size.

To make a smooth and straight forward GIF, you should be able to set the frame delay and frame account. With PicGIF, you have options to decide how long a single frame will display and choose where a GIF starts and ends by going frame by frame to exact the moment you want. Your GIF is also customizable under the help of PicGIF. You can easily insert some descriptive captions and watermarks on GIF and then manage overlays of them to make it look better. PicGIF also make it simple to filter your GIF and adjust the color of it. Just do whatever to suit your needs.

After your have configured all the settings, you must want to share your GIF with friends or embed it on blogs and websites without any hesitate. Here PicGIF provides you with a big convenience to either directly save GIF for latter use or post it online in minutes. And now you're a GIF genius! Just go forth and GIF the world!