Your Still Photos Quick into Animated GIFs for Artistic and Exclusive Uses

Animated GIFs have flashed across many a webpage, flickered within millions of MySpace profiles and glittered among innumerable Tumblrs who enjoy posting GIFs along with text to express their response or feeling. As more and more people share GIFs around the Web, more and more GIF maker tools appear to allow you to easily create animated GIFs. PicGIF for Mac is exact one of them.

We live in a digital age inundated with GIFs, which can be found all over the Internet used on the Web for button, heading, logo, background, divider, banner ad, and eye-catching image etc. Animated GIF are more compelling than a still photo and more immediate than a Web video. By rapidly displaying a series of images to build the illusion of motion, animated GIF has been a unique and artistic way of conveying one’s ideas and emotion. PicGIF is just here to make your expression of feelings easier and clearer.

Making a GIF is no longer as troublesome as before when it usually requires some knowledge of Photoshop or going through the hassle of struggling some web apps that end up putting an ugly watermark on the GIF. PicGIF makes it so incredibly simple to make an animated GIF out of your continuous snapshot photos in short steps. If you have GIFs that you've already made you can also import them into PicGIF and reedit them without any problem.

Animated GIFs would be a great gift idea! You can simply plug in some pictures of loved one into PicGIF and add a little message of love to quick make a Valentine gift that will last forever. You can also make a GIF of grandma, pop, kids or family for a creative and exclusive memory. With the Back-to-School season is in full swing, you can even gather photos of your happy holiday or any special school moment to turn them into animated GIF for sharing with class.

The uses for PicGIF are endless! With it, any of your ordinary photos would appear to be vivid and dynamic. It supports many image formats including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, RAW, PIC, etc. and offers a lot of amazing features. You can set the GIF size, fill mode, frame delay and play sequence at will. You can also add text/stickers to touch up your GIF. You will be amazed at the number of fonts and the wide choices of stickers that were available in PicGIF. This is a great way to not only enhance your GIF with text but watermark it as well if needed!

If you like, you also have options to apply popular image effects and adjustments to fine-tine the GIF. When everything is done, it’s time to show the digital world your spectacular creation. Finalize your creation and save it to your folder of choiceor directly share it with your friends via Tumblr, Email and iMessage.