VideoGIF for Mac

VideoGIF for Mac

VideoGIF for Mac is a simple and versatile video to GIF editor that enables you to create funny GIFs by trimming any part of videos/movies. Its basic tool set and intuitive controls make it easier than ever to go from video clip to animated GIF in a just few short steps.

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Key Features: Create Cool GIF Animations from Videos with Incredible Ease.

The Intuitive, User-Friendly GIF generator

  • Easy enough for users of all experience levels.
  • Real-time preview of every step. Creating animated GIF from videos/movies is a few clicks away.

Multiple Options to Add Video & Versatile Functionality

  • Add video using local folder, YouTube or Webcam.
  • Trim any part you like of the video to create animated GIF.
  • Insert and customize text at ease.
  • Free to manage overlays of stickers and texts – Freely set their opacity and adjust layers.
  • Customize the frame range for stickers and texts. You can decide the start frame and end frame that will display the sticker/text.
  • Adjust GIF speed with real-time preview. Options of "Normal" and "Reverse" are available to make the GIF show sequentially and reversely.

Easy Customization and Fine-Tuning the Video Clip

  • Easily crop the video clip by ratios/custom, or drag the handles to manually crop it.
  • Resize the video clip to reduce its size.
  • Add wonderful stickers to refine your GIF.
  • Rotate texts & stickers at will.
  • Fine-tune saturation, hue, exposure and contract, etc. at ease.
  • Apply popular filters including Vintage, Sepia, Black & White and more.
  • Support quality optimization of final GIF.

Save and Share GIF

  • Save in Finder.
  • Share via Tumblr.
  • Share via iMessage (only for Mac OS X 10.8 or above).
  • Share via E-Mail.

Reviews & Awards

VideoGIF is an incredibly easy-to-use, agile application that allows users to convert any videos to an animated GIF file, thus saving valuable hard drive, server or inbox space.

- macsources

VideoGIF from PearlMountain is a lightweight Mac video editor that has a singular purpose -- to create animated GIFs from your favorite videos.

- tuaw

A light and user-friendly application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly create animated GIFs using parts of your own video.

- softpedia

We really like VideoGIF. It has a traditional Mac OS X look and feel, while Pearl Mountain has a very good track record of producing solid applications for Mac.

- macnn

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