GIF Your Videos with Easy and Quick Video to GIF Maker tool for Macs

Have you ever watched any cool video on YouTube and wanted to convert them into animated GIF to use on your forum, website or on your phone as the screensaver, but don't know how to Photoshop since there are too many options and processes which acquire professional knowledge and skills? If you just fall into this category of Internet users and you want to be able to easily make a GIF animation from videos that you have, you should take VideoGIF out for a test drive.

I always love GIFs rather than lengthy videos as it gives me a quick and smooth feeling of playing a video for a short span of time. If you are also the one who wants to dip your toes in the video-to-GIF creation waters, VideoGIF will be the quick solution for you. No matter you are going to make a GIF just for fun or for any other important presentation, the results delivered by VideoGIF are good enough.

VideoGIF is a super quick and versatile Mac GIF maker application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly create animated GIFs from specific segment of a video in minutes. Not only can it turn your locally stored video files into animated GIFs, but you can use your webcam to create one on the spot. Just choose short video scenes to create your GIFs or trim your source file into a video clip keeping a suitable length as well as telling a full story. After all, if the file size is too large, who’s going to have the patience to download it?

VideoGIF is a really a very nice tool to resize and crop your GIF that leaves no room for complaint. To change the size of the GIF is just a piece of cake. Go to click the Resize button and simply put into the width, then you will get a matched height automatically. Video clip can be cropped directly with the handy crop toolby choosing preset ratios or clicking Custom option to type specific pixels.

VideoGIF provides many options to spice up your GIF like adding text captions, stickers, managing overlays etc. You can freely adjust the start frame and end frame of overlays (text and stickers). Moreover, you have the option to adjust each layer’s opacity and move any layer up or down with ease. If you’d like to further fine-tune you GIF, the good news is that VideoGIF also features other extradecorations for you.

Variety of special effects and color adjustment settings are available to bring more fun during your video to GIF conversion process.

If you are happy with your settings, forward to click Create GIF button. Here you can take a look at your final GIF with the preview option while setting your GIF’s frame count, frame delay and GIF sequence (Reverse or Normal). What I like most is that I am able to remove all unnecessary frames at will. Additionally, you can choose the quality of your GIF either normal or high quality.

Once you are satisfied with you animated GIF, Hit the Save… button to save it to a specific folder. With your GIF animation is saved and stored on your computer, you can use it anywhere you want online. You can also impress your friends by sharing the GIF via Tumblr, E-Mail and iMessage directly.