How to Make an Animated GIF from Your Favorite Video Clip with VideoGIF

Animated GIFs are charming, informative, highly entertaining, and shared by all. There's no reason you can't join in the fun. If you are the people who want to grab a moment from a video and do a bit more in-depth editing to it, VideoGIF is for you. From beginners to advanced GIF artists, we've got the ultimate guide to help you quickly make your own awesome animated GIFs withthe following short steps.

Add a video to get started

VideoGIF features a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to add a video into it. Just click Add Video icon to load an exiting video from your local folder. It supports almost all common video formats like MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI, etc. Alternatively, you can either tap the camera icon on the start screen to record a new video with your Mac’s Webcamor just add a YouTube video URL to acquire a video directly from YouTube.

Once the video source is loaded, you can trim it and select the good part you want to make a GIF out of. Just drag the trim controlson the progress barto decide the duration of your video clip. If you want to convert the entire video into an animated GIF, then this step is not needed. But a little tip for you is that a longer video generally leads to a larger file size which will take longer to load.

Customize your video clip to an enhanced level

You have ability to resize/crop GIF for optimal output. Changing the GIF size is just a few mouse clicks away. Go to click the Resize button and simply put into the width, then you will get a matched height automatically. Handy crop toolenables you to crop video clip by choosing from various preset ratios. You can also turn to enter the exact pixels or drag the handles to crop it manually.

The top toolbar buttons also provides you options to add stickers/custom text, and customize layers that provide a good way to keep things separate from each other. Also it’s free to move, resize or rotate any caption or sticker. At the same time, the Effect panel on right side helps you apply popular photo effects and adjust the saturation, hue, exposure, contrast and brightness of the GIF. All of these customizable settings will bring more fun during your video to GIF conversion process.

Effortlessly save and share your GIF with friends/family

Once you've got all of the necessary settings in order, click Create GIF and you will see a popup window. Here you can have an overview of the final GIF when edit its Frame Count, Frame Delay and display Sequence. Just set the properties as you want. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes depending on the length of your video and the GIF quality setting. A satisfactory GIF can be quickly shared with your friends and family via Email, iMessage or Tumblr and you can also simply hit the Save… button to save it to a specific folder.

The brief tutorial showing above covers the basics of creating a GIF from the video. Just go to show your creativity, have fun with it and explore the possibilities of GIF making from videos.