Personalize Animated GIF as the Special Holiday Gift for Family and Friends

Everyone looks forward to festivals, hoping receive special gifts from friends, family and honey in those occasions. And everyone also wants to show special gifts for friends, family or honey at the same time. Then Animated GIFs would be a great gift idea!

With the annual Halloween and Christmas are both in full swing, are you still stumped on what to get for your friends and family this holiday season? Why not making a personalized GIF image for your loved ones with full passion? It’s really a nice way of sharing your feelings and emotions with friends and family instead of sending the usual ready made wishing cards that are present all over the Internet. You can make a simple GIF animation from a collection of still images that may convey your thoughts easily.

The best part about GIFs is that they aren't too hard to make -- if you have access to some GIF maker tools and a few minutes to spare, you will have an animated GIF in no time. Now you can use PicGIF for Mac to personalize amazing GIFs as the best creative and stylish gifts for your loved family/friends. Just get creative and know how to make animated GIFs using this easy and quick GIF maker tool by following guides below.

You'll need to do a few things before start making GIFs. Firstly prepare some photos you’d like to convert to GIF. When you're stumped for ideas of what type of photos to select, there are some options for you to consider to get you on your way. For the Halloween, some creepy and cute shorts such as your kids' loot post-trick-or-treat, wearing costumes, or singing and dancing are good. As to Christmas, the old photos that involve a Christmas tree, snow, holiday decorations, or everyone gathering together with Santa hats on can be used as GIF resources.

Once you’ve got your photos, just add them into PicGIF and it provides many customization tools, which give you the convenience to set its Fill Mode, Speed, and Sequence, etc. It couldn't be easier to resize your GIF size by choosing from the preset sizes or customizing the exact size you want. You can also control the GIF speed by setting its frame delay at will.

With agile text utility, you can add some text captions like “Wish You Happy Holiday!” or “Best Wishes” to show your expression of blessings. Stickers related to this occasion are also available for you. You are free to add and edit them to multiple layers. Do you know that you can actually add some effects to your photos? With PicGIF, you’ll be given access to apply popular filters and adjust the colors to your photos freely.

When you get the best results of your animated gift, PicGIF will provide you with an abundance of export and share options. You can directly send to friends or family via Tumblr, Email, or iMessage at your very early convenience to surprise them. With these animated and unique gifts, you’re sure to make everyone on your gift list smile this holiday season.